Paramount Launches Conduit to Improve Programmatic Sales

Paramount has announced the introduction of its new ad product named “Conduit.” This product acts as a direct integration layer between supply-side platforms (SSPs) and EyeQ, Paramount’s CTV ad selling platform. By aggregating Paramount+ and Pluto TV inventory, Conduit aims to streamline how ads are strategically placed.

Todd Bender, the Senior Vice President of advertising platforms at Paramount, discussed the importance of direct integrations with SSPs. He mentioned that these integrations provide programmers with more options for ad placements. Paramount began working on Conduit back in 2020, coinciding with the launch of EyeQ. The ad product has now been made available in several major SSPs, including Magnite and Google Ad Manager.

Increased Demand for Interoperability

Advertisers have expressed a desire for more interoperability options from broadcasters. Leo O’Connor, Paramount’s SVP of advertising, noted that recent trends show a heightened interest from marketers for programmers to support ad buying from various SSPs. While Paramount’s inventory was previously accessible via SSPs, there was a gap in terms of a direct server connection. Bender highlighted some challenges with the manual process, such as time consumption and ad repetition.

Integration and Efficiency

Paramount primarily employs FreeWheel as its ad server. However, issues can arise when advertisers opt to purchase inventory through a supply path that isn’t directly aligned with FreeWheel. This disparity has led to programmers lacking certain information, which can affect the overall ad experience.

Conduit is designed to address this challenge. It offers buyers, even those using an SSP not connected to FreeWheel, access to CTV inventory from Paramount. O’Connor pointed out that Conduit’s main objective is to gather comprehensive data on the brand participating in an auction, as well as the exact bid value. By accumulating bid responses from various SSPs, Conduit can feed this data into FreeWheel, enabling Paramount to prepare an ad pod for commercial breaks.

While specific details regarding the time-saving capabilities of Conduit have not been disclosed by Paramount, Bender acknowledged its benefits in the ad decision process.

Conduit in Connected TV

Conduit aims to establish consistency across connected TV platforms. Paramount highlighted its dedication to addressing issues such as ad repetition. The goal of Conduit is to optimize addressable advertising in CTV, ensuring ads are directed effectively.

Currently, Conduit is operational and handles over 600 million bid requests daily.

Mark McKee, the general manager at FreeWheel, commented on Conduit’s capabilities, emphasizing its role in optimizing ad expenditure while maintaining a quality advertising experience. Additionally, Magnite’s senior VP, Mike Laband, mentioned the collaboration with Paramount and the integration of their ad server, SpringServe, with Conduit.

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