Disney+ Amplifies Advertising Capabilities Following Success of Ad-Supported Tier

Disney+ is making significant strides in the realm of advertising, with notable advancements in automation and measurement capabilities, just 10 months after the successful launch of its ad-supported version. This move positions the streaming giant as a formidable force in the digital advertising space.

Since the introduction of its ad-supported tier, Disney+ has been steadfast in its commitment to provide advertisers with innovative and flexible solutions to reach vast audiences. The platform has now rolled out features such as advanced audience targeting, an expansion of programmatic marketplaces, a variety of ad formats, and enhanced measurement techniques spanning verification, identity, and effectiveness.

Rita Ferro, the President of Global Advertising at Disney, emphasized the company’s dedication to consumer and advertiser feedback. “Over the past 10 months, we’ve focused on testing, learning, and listening to our consumers and clients,” Ferro stated. “This approach has allowed us to offer a viewer-centric experience while unveiling new functionalities and formats. The rising engagement metrics and extended viewing durations underscore the significance of premium content.”

Statistics show that half of the new Disney+ subscribers opt for the ad tier. Between March and September 2023, the platform witnessed a 35% surge in engagement. As the audience base for the ad-supported Disney+ tier expands, the potential for advertisers to make an impact also increases. Disney has effectively balanced its ad load to align with viewing habits, ensuring a top-tier consumer experience. The introduction of tools to measure the impact of advertising campaigns further cements Disney’s position as a market leader.

Here’s a closer look at the enhanced advertising capabilities on Disney+:

  • Advanced Audience Targeting: Advertisers can now pinpoint their audience with unprecedented accuracy based on demographic data, geographical location, and unique audience segments derived from Disney’s proprietary first-party Audience Graph.
  • Programmatic Expansion: Disney has broadened its programmatic horizons to include biddable transactions via private marketplaces or exclusive auctions. With accessibility across 30 demand side platforms (DSPs), advertisers can now leverage Disney’s premium content more flexibly.
  • Diversified Ad Formats: Disney+ is diversifying its ad format offerings, accepting a wider range of creative lengths and even content sponsorships, especially for the upcoming 2023 holiday season.
  • Enhanced Measurement & Attribution: The platform is collaborating with leading Ad Verification and Delivery vendors to ensure the efficacy of ads through precise measurement and attribution. Furthermore, Disney+ is set to offer a plethora of campaign measurement tools to advertisers, showcasing the immense value of advertising on its platform.

As the ad-supported version of Disney+ continues its growth trajectory, advertisers are presented with an increasing number of opportunities to engage more deeply with the platform. With a clear focus on enhancing the advertising experience, Disney remains at the forefront of digital advertising innovation.

Sam Adai
Sam Adai
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