Gen Z teenagers frequently watch and remember YouTube ads

Gen Z teenagers frequently watch and remember YouTube ads. Now, YouTube is the preferred platform for teens, with nearly 80% tuning in for videos.

Not only are Gen Z teens watching YouTube videos, but they’re also paying attention to the ads. 60% of teens would choose to watch an ad on YouTube over skipping it. Additionally, almost 50% remember seeing an ad on the platform. This data is based on research by Precise TV and Giraffe Insights.

After YouTube posted a 4.4% boost in ad revenue in Q2 2023, it’s clear why advertisers care. Brands aiming to engage with Gen Z (individuals born from 1997 to 2012) might rethink their ad investments, potentially moving from conventional TV to YouTube to achieve better engagement and influence on purchases.

Some noteworthy findings from the research for advertisers targeting Gen Z are:

  • Around 80% of teenagers use YouTube, placing it at the top among platforms.
  • 45% of teens can remember an ad they viewed on YouTube.
  • Gen Z teens are more likely to remember a YouTube ad compared to one on TikTok.
  • YouTube features the most compelling ads for teens.
  • One out of every five Gen Z teens incorporates YouTube into their daily activities.

On the topic of changing ad investments, Denis Crushell from Precise TV mentioned a trend where advertisers are reallocating funds from traditional TV to YouTube ads. He commented:

“Many of our advertising associates, including agencies and brands, are now prioritizing YouTube as their leading video ad platform. Additionally, with Precise TV’s ability to offer video-specific targeting in a COPPA-compliant manner, more advertisers who were previously hesitant are now considering targeting teens and families. This will likely lead to more ad investments transitioning from traditional TV to YouTube.”

For a comprehensive view, the full Precise Advertiser Report provides more details. [PDF Link]

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